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Pocket Notebooks

We had an NCUR debriefing lunch today. I’d never say no to free food. Especially when they have brownies.

So now that I’ve been stuffed with sugar, I’ll get back to blogging.

I want to talk today about the tool every writer should stick to: the pocket notebook.

Inspiration rarely strikes on schedule. In my experience, it usually comes in the most inconvenient time. Like when you’re driving down the street.

I also know from experience that it rarely stays in your memory until you can get it down.

Enter the handy dandy pocket notebook.

NOTE: Please do not use the handy dandy (pocket) notebook while driving. I cannot be held liable for any accidents this may cause.

The best part of this pocket notebook is that it doesn’t have to be in coherent order. I don’t know about you, but while I’m taking notes in a blank Word file, I feel like I have to write in complete sentences and have some semblance of structure and order.

But with the pocket notebook, I feel a lot freer in the way I put things in. Flip through some of my pocket notebooks that are full and sitting on a table. It’s filled with random phrases, dialogue, and names; addresses and phone numbers; nonsensical ideas and future inspiration. The notebooks even have odds and ends of other cards, papers, and sketches tucked into it.

The best thing ever about the pocket notebook is that it’s a boredom reliever. When I’m stuck at work, on a train, anything where I have nothing better to do, I’ll flip through it. Reading the things I have jotted down in it makes me want to write again. How’s that for you, portable inspiration?

It really doesn’t matter what the notebook is made out of. You could even just have a bunch of random sheets of paper or note cards in your pocket if that’s your style. But every true and wanna-be writer has some form of a pocket notebook with them. Do you have yours?


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