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Fanservice and Preludes

In case you don’t know (I recently found out a previously-thought universal term, Mary Sue, was limited to certain audiences, so I’m covering my bases), fanservice as I mean it is adding something to a story just to please the audience. It started out as gratuitous sexualization of a character, but it’s been far more generalized in recent years.

Overdone, it’s annoying. It’s not fanservice, it’s pandering. But done right, it makes for squees and very happy fans.

What’s your stance on fanservice? Do you enjoy it when it’s well-done, or do you avoid it at all cost?

I’ll admit, I’m a fan of fanservice. It’s fun, and rewards us for sticking with the story. It’s like stealing a little bit of cookie dough while you’re waiting for the cookies to come out of the oven.

The most fanservicey bit I’ve got worked out in Stealing the Crown revolves around one of Ethan’s nightmares that I’m having oh so much fun writing. Seeing as how the perspective is first person by Ethan, he doesn’t know how he reacts while asleep to these nightmares. It’s rather violent. Thrashing. Moans that turn into the occasional shout.

Even though they’ve just had a fight, Mira wakes him up because she’s concerned about him. With his defenses down from being saved from this horrible vision, he immediately clings to her. He may actually even cry, though he probably won’t admit it. She holds him, comforts him, and starts sleeping next to him at nights. Happy fluffy squees and fanservice makes for a happy audience and a happy writer.

So tell me what your favorite fanservice moment is? Or if you’r the opinion that fanservice is the devil, tell me why the world would be better without it. Get yourself a cookie buried under some ice cream, and curl up with your favorite yummy book.


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