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The monstrous beast, the technical writing program I’ve been working on, is finally completed! 168 pages in total. To recap, I’ve been working on the program book for NCUR 2012. I had to take information from documents, graphics, and web pages to put this beast together. It was supposed to be off to the printers on Friday… but I wasn’t finished laying out the oral sessions. So I worked hard over the weekend. It was then supposed to go to the printers on Monday… but then the index turned out to be a lot more work than I thought.

After seven days of a row of seven to eleven hour shifts on top of school and homework, I finally finished it last night. Except for this one little error I need to fix, dammit….

So now that I won’t be living my life in my office, I have time to catch up on writing and homework! I may be exhausted, but the stuff coming out of me is not complete crap. With spring break on the near horizon (next week!) I will have the time to finally bring Mira into the picture so that Ethan is not alone in the story any more. Let the torment of a princess begin. >:D Stay tuned for snippets and views into the interactions between these two.


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Medieval fantasy writer, anime-enthusiast, starving college student (who is actually decently fed), too-busy-for-a-boy working girl

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