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Cosplay, Cupcakes, and Updates

You may have noticed I’ve only managed to get one post in so far this week. I’m sorry about that. But I’m here to give you some updates (mainly as an excuse on why I haven’t had time to update). Next week we’ll return to our regularly scheduled three posts a week.

I’m currently working as the technical writer for the National Conference on Undergraduate Research held the last weekend of March. My job is to compile the program book that will be distributed to some 3-4,000 attendees. I’ve already put 100 hours into this book, and it’s STILL NOT DONE! This week saw three impressive consecutive eight to ten hour shifts in a row. Once I hit my Writing March Madness goal today, I’m going to get back to work on it as well. The book is supposed to be done and off to the printers on Monday.

Most of my time has been devoted to that as of late. I have managed to complete my technical writing portfolio, and you can find that here if you’re interested in looking at it:

Oh yeah! That thing I mentioned earlier, Writing March Madness, a friend of mine posted information about it over on her blog. It’s a month where a crazy amount of writing happens, so set a goal for yourself. Post your goal in the comments below! Mine is 500 words a day every day. Not the most impressive goal, but it’s one I know I can hit with this being the second to last month of school and all.

Yesterday night was an anime convention, Anime Salt Lake. It was the first year, so it really wasn’t impressive, but it was fun too look at the cosplayers that attended anyways. I went as Lyuze from Casshern Sins. No one recognized me. But that’s what I get for picking an obscure cosplay (even if Casshern Sins came out in 2008). I’ll post a picture once I free my camera from my roommate’s bag. She took it with her by accident.

On the good news side of creative writing, a short story I wrote, “Ash,” was selected to be in Weber State’s literary journal, Metaphor. That will be in print by the end of this month. My first officially printed short story. I’m proud of it, seeing as how I don’t normally write short stories… I’ll post that for you guys in the upcoming days so you can enjoy it as well.

I’m going to get back to my writing and red velvet cupcakes. Post your writing goals below, your preferred cupcake, or your Saturday schedule.


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