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Redoing the Undone – Time for Chocolate

I flew all the way from Utah to San Francisco to attend the San Francisco Writers Conference (that is a seven hour trip starting at 5 a.m. I really do not want to talk about) last weekend. I learned so much, but at the cost of my brain exploding.

One thing I learned is that I now get to redo something I previously undid.

My first novel, working title A Captive Mind, started as a medieval fantasy. The characters were fairies. There was magic in the world: rare, but it was present. The magic was the first thing to go. While I loved the idea and it was unique, I felt it served no purpose to the story. It was prevalent in the beginning, disappeared in the story, and then reappeared at the end (because I suddenly remembered that I’d forgotten it). Then the fairies went away. My fairies were so human-like, people would forget they were not humans. Any mention of wings would jar them from the story. So I made them human.

While I still stick by the decision to make them human, because the publishing world isn’t quite ready for my brand of fairies, I’ve been reconsidering the magic thing.

My book really needs something to make it stand out. And a woman who is able to read your mind by touching you, whether she wants it to happen or not, is pretty unique. So now I’m going to shelve it for a while and spend some time developing and solidifying how the magic in the novel works.

I also had the opportunity to meet Valerie Gray from Harlequin’s Toronto office. She is an amazingly kind and helpful woman. Harlequin/LUNA/MIRA is also a company I [not so] secretly would love to publish with. She gave me some very sound advice about developing it some more and possibly splitting it into multiple books. That is a fantastic idea, seeing as how long it’s turning out to be.

But anyways, the point of my rambling is this: I’m going to shelve the project while I think more on how to develop it. Instead, I’m going to work on my other book, Stealing the Crown, with Ethan. Ethan is a thief who has to rescue a princess. Look forward to it. He’s so hedonistic and egoistical. His voice is very strong. He’ll be happy that I’m going back to him, because he’s of the opinion that it’s all about him anyways. He will be making an appearance here on Spell it in Sugar, I guarantee it. And he will definitely shower the fans with sugar, whether they want it or not.


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